Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Greetings Friends, Family, Fellow Blogging Community!! I'm a 30-something year old music teacher and enthusiastic self-taught decorator, who loves to spend time with my tremendously talented and handsome one-of-a-kind husband, Jon, our two amazing children, Clara and Carson, and my wonderful loving family and friends!! I love all things creative and artsy, including design, music, dance, art, scrapbooking, you name it!! I decided to commence this blog in order to create a fun and creative on-line journal showcasing the exciting adventurous journey of the Botbyl family, and in order to keep in touch with and hopefully inspire other individuals, like myself who love to share a wonderful life's design consisting of love of family, friends, and creative living!! Please leave me a message/comment if you decide to visit my blog, or add yourself to my list of "followers" so that I can visit your awesome blog or Facebook!! Look extremely forward to hearing from you!! Have an incredibly amazing day!!

Kitty Korner

 Welcome to Kitty Korner
 I'm enthusiastically creating this fun-filled page in order to share with you the new member of our lovely botbyl family, which now consists of three, Me, Hubby, and Cecelia Ashlee, our adorable kitty, who we rescued from underneath a hosta bush outside our house when she along with her brother Stanly, who we also rescued, were only three weeks old!! I've never had a kitty or a cat for that matter, but for a short period of my childhood, during the time I had a strange obsession with witches and loved the movie "The Worst Little Witch", I longed for a kitten just like this one!! 20 years later, I found my love!! 
Here are a couple pictures from a week prior before Stanly moved into his new home!!

This kitten blends right in w/the Autumn Decorations!!