Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Clara's a cutie, and daddy is too...

 "Daddy, Will you be my Valentine?"
Good Evening Everyone!! This particular post has been in progress for about a week, during which I've set out to achieve a unique collection of photos I would prefer to include - I've taken so many, but I wanted this to be extremely sweet with some awesome photos of Baby with different outfits in various settings without being like, whoa Baby Overload!! Speaking of baby photos, Clara had her 1st real photo shoot yesterday morning, besides one taken when she was in my belly!! It was truly amazing and inspirational but I'll save that for another post!!  If you have a chance, check out high-lights from her photo shoot on my facebook page or the RamFaith Films Photography Page!!

Here are a couple more photos of Clara and her wonderful hero, Daddy!!
The unconditional and unexplainable love between a father and his daughter is truly inspirational...I can see one of the greatest love stories unfolding before my eyes, and witnessing this is one of the most magical experiences of my life. What better time to create this post than with Valentine's Day literally around the corner!!
Another thought that brings me excitement is that Clara will be exactly 1 month on Valentine's Day and I can hardly believe how incredibly quickly time is flying by!!
The following photos are high-lights from the last 2 weeks:
Here are a couple of photos from Clara's 1st bath and 1st pediatrician appointment!! Our child the furthest thing from bashful - that's for sure!!
Bath Time
 (whoops, sorry about that finger...Just noticed that)
 To think I had actually been slightly nervous about her becoming extremely anxious at the Pediatrician's office, and she was like "Examine me please!! I'm ready!!"
Docta Time
 Thanks so much for visiting us today!! Naptime...