Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Here comes Clara Cotton-tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail with egg-citing news!!

Easter, which marks an egg-citing commencement of spring, is such an inspiring, uplifting, and creative time of year! I love love love Easter! The beautiful comforting warmth and ambiance of spring is finally upon us. With strength and hope, spring pulls us from the doldrums of these cold winter months and offers us feelings of lightness and airiness, gorgeous pastels and brightness of sunny days to come – a fresh start, a new beginning, new life emerging!

Speaking of the emergence of new life, Clara has an egg-citing announcement to make and she's been waiting extremely patiently! She has been egg-stra careful not to spill the jelly beans, but now that this meaningful and wonderful holiday is fast approaching, we decided that it's time to let the rabbit out of the bag and share our egg-citing news! So, here it is :

Just in case you missed the "Egg Sign" in the 1st photo, I decided to include a 2nd...and a 3rd to make sure it was self-explanatory! Then a little creative Easter egg picture as well as an adorable photo of Clara enthusiastically looking at a family scrapbook, just for fun!! Also, she's so cute in her little spring dress from target, how could I resist?! So...YES! We are "egg-specting" our 2nd child in September - How egg-citing is that? We will be going for the baby's anatomy scan in a couple weeks, and can hardly wait to find out the gender of this child. Having a little girl already definitely makes the whole suspenseful process of finding out way more interesting in my opinion! I mean, there's an added level of suspense this time - Will Clara have an awesome little brother or will she have an amazing little sister?! It's not just like "What are we having, a boy of a girl?" If we are pregnant with another girl, we feel more prepared and pretty much ready to go, but if it's a little boy, I feel that we'll have a little more legwork to do in order to prepare ourselves for the arrival of a little man! Either way, it's all overwhelmingly egg-citing!! We will definitely keep updating "Botbylsmile" and Facebook with results of anatomy scan for those of you who may be interested in finding out the gender of our 2nd baby as well.

While reflecting over the last year of our lives, I can't help but to picture this itsy bitsy little baby in a comfy soft bunny suit! I absolutely can not fathom how insanely fast one year has flown by. Here are a couple egg-stra special photos of Miss Clara from last Easter!
She is going to be an amazing BIG SISTER and a gigantic help to mommy, that's for sure!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time preparing for this awesome spring and the lovely holiday to come! Please check in with us for my next post which will be all about Clara's Big Girl room. Have a terrific week and God Bless! Thanks so much for visiting with us today!!