Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Greetings Friends, Family, Fellow Blogging Community!! I'm a 30-something year old music teacher and enthusiastic self-taught decorator, who loves to spend time with my tremendously talented and handsome one-of-a-kind husband, Jon, our two amazing children, Clara and Carson, and my wonderful loving family and friends!! I love all things creative and artsy, including design, music, dance, art, scrapbooking, you name it!! I decided to commence this blog in order to create a fun and creative on-line journal showcasing the exciting adventurous journey of the Botbyl family, and in order to keep in touch with and hopefully inspire other individuals, like myself who love to share a wonderful life's design consisting of love of family, friends, and creative living!! Please leave me a message/comment if you decide to visit my blog, or add yourself to my list of "followers" so that I can visit your awesome blog or Facebook!! Look extremely forward to hearing from you!! Have an incredibly amazing day!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Breathtaking Christmas Inspiration

Good Morning!! It's time for a little gorgeous Christmas Inspiration!! (Thanksgiving Break is the perfect opportunity to begin planning for the awesome Holiday season...) Christmas decorating is one of the most exciting and wonderful activities ever, & I'm extremely enthusiastic about creatively decking the halls with holiday cheer, happiness, & vintage Christmas spirit this year!! Here is a small collection of captivating Inspirational Holiday decorating ideas I found on Pinterest & Country Living, which definitely lend themselves to a feeling of cottagy coziness and vintage charm - totally what I'm going for this year!!  Each photo is beautifully unique & creative!!
I'm in the process of decorating for the holidays & hope to finish this weekend, & I have a couple little projects up my sleeve which I'll be posting about soon, tehe!! Love ya - Enjoy!! 
I almost forgot... 
Hopefully those lovely photos brought out the enthusiastic Holiday Spirit in you!! 
Love em' Love em' Love em'!!
How would you describe your holiday decorating style??