Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Facebook and the never-ending sea of statuses, fractured noses, and a profound lesson in compassion...

This post is a bit impromptu, but I'm feeling the urge to compose this as a sortuv beginning of a new week...There's definitely something about the joys of parenting, and taking advantage of opportunities to blog about our experiences, that makes me smile and view life in a much lighter, more artistic, and more comical way, especially when I receive feedback reminding me that there are many individuals with the same lifestyle relating to and living similar types of scenarios and experiences that I love to write and laugh about. (The word "scenario" just took me 6 tries, no kidding!)
I admit that Facebook, which I once considered to be a trend, can be an amazingly useful tool to assist us in keeping in touch with the old friend, the new friend, and the oddball who has become very cool, to whom we otherwise may not have a way to stay connected, and I deeply respect and appreciate the opportunity to reach out and find things we all have in common, while being able to support and receive support from others, in times of need, or when we simply have questions, concerns, comments, or even photos that we feel the need to share. With that said, I sometimes get a little carried away with statuses that sound something like this:
 "Dear husband that must remain anonymous, I'm deeply sorry for pegging you in the private's with Carson's stuffed owl - It was an accident - but there are a few no-no's when it comes to making comments to a women with two very young children, and "A lot of woman do it this way...Why can't you?" is one of them. However, considering the fact that you also have two young children, come to think of it, the same two children, I'm willing to forgive, forget, and give you another chance...Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be apologizing to you. I'm sorry babe..." I've decided not to post this on Facebook because I'm trying to use better judgement, although this would get lost in the never-ending sea of statuses but I will admit I've been finding joy in reflecting upon things, stories, and or conversations that occur via status.
Also, blogging, a passion of mine, makes me feel wonderful and empowered, and the fact that everything I blog about comes from my day to day life experiences, makes it more awesome. I've decided that even if the only one reading this is my Cat, who I've taught to read(?), I'm still happy. But what if...just what if something I've written or provided commentary on has brightened your day, or has changed your perspective, or has offered you inspiration that has helped you in someway...then I've succeeded in connecting with you or entertaining you for even just a split second, and that, my friend, has made it worth my while. I would like to Thank you so much by the way, if you have or do read my blog: It means the world to me that you're interested in what I have to say, and have taken time during your busy day to tune into my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and my life. I can't express how amazing that makes me feel. If you're still interested after this, read on!

Now, for a not-so-funny story, if you consult my nose, but a profound lesson in compassion for my child: Last night, Jon was working late, and in the fall, the busiest time of year for Jon, it's a not so rare occasion that I will bring Clara into our room until she either drifts off to sleep after loudly sweetly singing 20 rounds of Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, and her new favorite, Daddy Finger. I had begin to doze off myself until my lovely 2 year old decides to abruptly sit straight up and fall back as hard as she could, breaking or so I thought, my nose. Who does that? I ended up being fine, with a slightly bruised, and throbbing nose, but tell me
who? does? that! As I'm writhing in pan holding my nose, she stares as me wondering "what the heck is wrong with mommy?" "You hurt mommy's nose honey...ooouuuh..." Then I notice she starts to cover her face, and has this horrid, devastating, and almost lifeless expression...and my reaction of course is...she's hurt, only to realize she's hurting for me. "What's wrong baby? What is it?" She's all choked up, barely able to speak..."I hurt mommy" she states softly. "I hurt mommy...I hurt mommy...I sorry mommy, I soorrry...I loveooo mommy"
This is probably the sweetest act...not even act...response to someone she deeply loves experience pain that I could possibly imagine. She was truly remorseful and sorry for the 1st time, and not prompted in any way to act apologetically, but it made me see this astounding compassion and love coming from this extremely young individual, and it was remarkable and beautiful to me...(and I will try to remember this feeling the next time she attempts to climb onto the coffee table to put her feet on Carson, which she loves to do.) I just hugged her and hugged her and reassured her that mommy was ok (even though it hurt and I had to lie), and she didn't mean to break my nose (trying not to laugh as I'm writing this..not that it's funny) and that's called an accident...We both drifted off to sleep as the throbbing faded away... memories of Clara from the moment she was born until now...flooded my mind...I felt such warmth, such love...being her mommy.
I'm sure this has happened to you, and your story may be quite different...and I wish you hope you'll share!
Thank you for visiting my blog...and goodnight! God Bless!