Living life one incredible day at a time...

Living life one incredible day at a time...

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Greetings Friends, Family, Fellow Blogging Community!! I'm a 30-something year old music teacher and enthusiastic self-taught decorator, who loves to spend time with my tremendously talented and handsome one-of-a-kind husband, Jon, our two amazing children, Clara and Carson, and my wonderful loving family and friends!! I love all things creative and artsy, including design, music, dance, art, scrapbooking, you name it!! I decided to commence this blog in order to create a fun and creative on-line journal showcasing the exciting adventurous journey of the Botbyl family, and in order to keep in touch with and hopefully inspire other individuals, like myself who love to share a wonderful life's design consisting of love of family, friends, and creative living!! Please leave me a message/comment if you decide to visit my blog, or add yourself to my list of "followers" so that I can visit your awesome blog or Facebook!! Look extremely forward to hearing from you!! Have an incredibly amazing day!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Question!! How do I set up a list of Links to other blogs like everyone else seems to so easily be able to create? I must have missed something simple. hmmm...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How much do you love summer?! June makes me think of amazing Mistos at Rita's Waterice, Clementon Park, strolling the Boards down Ocean City, swimming in my old pool back at 22 Palomar, sitting outside under our awning (growing up) during evening rain showers, putting on musicals in the pool, & barbecuing!! I'm extremely glad the summer months are finally here, although I am experiencing a little bit of School withdraw!! I have so much planned this summer!! Today, my mother & me dragged my husband to Ikea to pick up on the latest organizational trends, of which I discovered many!! I had an awesome time, & Jon...well, he's holding up considerably well, I think!!
Last week, up until yesterday actually, we had wonderful house guests, Jenn & Eric, & our sweet nephew Braydon!! They just moved into their home, which they've been buidling & designing for several months, & it's absolutely gorgeous!! Pictures to follow (pending permission) Well, Jon is leaving for a gig in a couple of minutes, & I'm wildly embarking on an organization/design marathon that will most likely last me the entire evening, unless I chicken out & have dinner with my parents, which is definitely always yummy & tempting!! Enjoy your wonderful summer day!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is the result my "Beach Room", still to be finished. I love the soft blue of the room against the crisp white coastal accesories!! Nothing says "beach" quite like sea shells, life guard stands, & starfish!!